As a student of music I’ve had a lot of time for reflection.
I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone would have said that I would spend almost the same amount of time reading books as practicing in some periods of my studies at the Royal Academy of Music but it is true.
Reading has become part of my practice and the most inspiring books I’ve read rarely deal with music. In my first year I wrote a text called ”Practice inspiration?” where I wondered if it is possible to affect the level of inspiration on a daily basis. I think you can and one of the ways I think you can do it in is to step outside your comfort zone. To test this myself I’ve started to read different books (I wasn’t a big reader before so any book can be considered a different book), watching different movies and eating different food at home and when visiting a restaurant. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like something that will change your life but that was never the point.
The point was to get inspired and I think it works for me.

Here is a collection of thoughts surrounding the instrument, musician and the music.