”You have to put more color into it!”
– Bahauddin Dagar when I was practicing a phrase that he didn’t enjoy all that much.

If I should summarize the idea behind SlowBass in just one word then it would be freedom. Part of the chapter called Thoughts is about developing a freedom in the way I perform music, the musical structure. This part is about finding a technical freedom on the instrument. Although technique seems like something that can be practiced and perfected forever I think there is a level of “technical enough” and that level can be higher or lower depending on the music you wish to play. Once you reach that level then it’s time to try and create some music.
What I have done here is to gather different sounding techniques so I will have more options when I play. In the same way a painter has many colors in his palette to choose from I want to be able to pick and use sounds that I find appropriate for the music. I’ve tried to find as many sounds as possible and not discarding things that at first might seem strange.

The search for the sound is an inspiring process and I hope you try and create your own collection of sounds. Some of them might be considered ugly sounds but when used in the right context they make sense, at least in my ears. Some ideas are inspired from other instruments and some just come from the instrument itself. I have selected some of my favorite sounds and techniques with texts on how the idea came about, how I developed it and also some audio and video for demonstration. I am in no way saying that I invented these sounds or that no bass player before me has ever used them because that is simply not true! But as far as I know nobody has ever presented these ideas in a more detailed way. I’m happy to give you these colors from my sound-palette!

Just sounds