The SlowBass Project

Thought + Sound = Music

To make music I believe that you need two things: a thought and a sound.
I’ve spent a lot of time finding as many sounds on my instrument and an equal amount of time thinking about my own likes and dislikes in music.
The musical result was a solo concert where the fruits of my labour were presented.
So once you’ve read my thoughts and heard my sounds the music will be more rewarding even though I hope that the music speaks for itself.

My ambition is that anyone can jump anywhere on this website and start reading. Hopefully each page makes sense by itself but to understand my process and why the music turned out the way it did I recommend reading as much as possible. The different headlines give a short presentation on each topic. The sub chapters are in alphabetical order so feel free to start wherever you like. A good way to continue is to read about the project to see how and why it came about!