with Robjori Trio.Examination concert Gothenburg 2011. Photo by Stig Magnus Thorsén.Photo by Shayan Rad.with Guto Lucena.with Eric Arellano.with Dilanê.with Manantial.with Jonas Knutsson. with Saman Alias Quartet in Kurdistan 2013.Photo by Anders Pedersen.with Dilanê.with Kanako Kato in Japan 2013.with Bahauddin Dagar.with Renegades of Funk.Where is santa?Recording session.Workshop in Kurdistan 2013.Backstage.with Dilanê.History.with Ahmad al Khatib. Photo by Dragan Popovich.Photo by Shayan Rad.with Ahmad al Khatib. Photo by Moshtag Feizyabi.Photo by Shayan Rad.