¹ W. Cather, The Song of the Lark, Standard Publications, 2008.
This quote was given to me by my mother after my examination concert in the form of a necklace that my aunt made (visit her website here). It is the Swedish version of the quote ”Vissa saker lär du dig bäst i storm, andra stillhet”

² Quote taken from an radio interview with Jaco Pastorius done by Clive Williamson in 1978. Click here for full article.

³ I. Stravinsky, Poetics of Music in the form of six lessons 16th edn, Harvard University Press, 2003 p. 32.

⁴ Quotes are taken from the documentary Keith Jarrett: The art of improvisation, Euroarts, 2005.

⁵ M. Gladwell, Blink – The power of thinking without thinking, Penguin Books, 2006 pp. 111-117. I can really recommend all books by Malcolm Gladwell and if you wish to learn more visit

⁶ Quote taken from the documentary Listen, Miroslav Sebestik, Facets Multimedia Distribution, 1992. Click here to see it on YouTube.