Born in Umeå, located in the northern part of Sweden.

Currently back in Umeå working as a bass teacher and a freelancing musician.

Started playing bass around the age of 13, doing covers of Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, Refused & Metallica.

Basketball enthusiast.

Enjoys enjoying.

Prefers licorice over chocolate.

Would love to have Eddie Izzard, Malcolm Gladwell, Tina Fey & Sophie Calle over for dinner at the same time.

Musical education:
Royal Acadamy of Music in Stockholm – Music from other cultures (Master 2 years)
Acadamy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg – World Music (Bachelor 3 years)
Geijerskolan – Jazz, Pop & Rock (Folk high school 2 years)

Working experience include bartending, factory worker, personal assistant, sales clerk.

Did someone say Dota2?

For more check out this article about me (in Swedish) featured in the magazine ”Gitarr & Luta”: